Erno Laszlo The Jetsetter Collection


Achieve glowing skin wherever the holiday season takes you with The Jetsetter Collection from Erno Laszlo. The set contains six best-selling treatments, available for the first time in convenient travel sizes, allowing you to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate on-the-go and unveil a radiant and clear complexion. Give the gift of healthy-looking skin!

The Set Contains:

Detoxifying Cleansing Oil (60ml)
Lightweight and non-greasy, the cleanser is fortified with the active ingredient Charcoal, which works to draw out dirt, oil and impurities from pores like a magnet, visibly reducing their size. Enriched with anti-inflammatory Algae Extract, it stimulates cell renewal and eliminates everyday toxins that are prevalent in cities and traffic-congested areas that cause skin to look dull and lacklustre. Upon application, the oil transforms from black to white and aims to reveal a brighter, healthier-looking complexion.

Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar (50g)
Perfect for stressed out and irritated skin, the soap bar boasts the therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea Mud, which is brimming with minerals to deeply detoxify, exfoliate and moisturise. Glycerin acts as a powerful magnet for hydration and seals it in to ensure optimum moisture levels, whilst Palm and Palm Kernel Oils stimulate cell regeneration and the fatty acids help to balance your complexion by mimicking the same nourishing oils and pH balance found in skin already.

Multi-Phase Makeup Remover (90ml)
Perfect for use on the eyes, face and lips, the Multi-Phase Makeup Remover will gently remove all traces of makeup, without tugging on your skin. Boasting a soothing and hydrating formula, it contains nourishing Cucumber and Aloe extracts to relieve your skin, whilst a blend of herbal anti-inflammatories soften the skin and defend it against free radicals. 

Phelityl Night Cream (10ml)
Designed to seal in vital moisture, the Night Cream boasts a lightweight and non-greasy formula that will leave skin looking plumped, smooth and repaired. Enriched with complex emollients that bind moisture to skin, the cream has a unique moisturising complex that has a pH level that's almost identical to that of your skin, meaning the essential fatty acids that are essential for skin function are maintained.

Transphuse Eye Refiner (5ml)
The Transphuse Eye Refiner works to relax and replenish the muscles around the eye area. Using Gatuline Expression for a smoother appearance and Glycosaminoglycans and Matrixyl 3000 to boost collagen production for a plumper look, this rich cream is a must have. Innovative polypeptide technology restores the skin at a cellular level whilst Algae and Pullulan extracts provide an immediate tightening effect.

Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask (10ml)
A breakthrough in beauty sleep, the weightless mask transforms skin and delivers intense hydration whilst you sleep. Fortified with omega-rich Winged Kelp extract to boost collagen production, moisturising Prickly Pear and an active blend of Raspberry and Tomato stem cells to brighten skin. Its advanced memory foam texture melts effortlessly onto skin to restore and refresh skin overnight.


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  • Cleansing Oil: Gently apply a generous amount in small circular motions on dry skin. Massage over face and jawline to open pores and trap dirt and makeup on the face.

    Cleansing Bar: Dampen the skin, and massage the bar onto the face and neck. Follow with Erno Laszlo's Splashing Technique.

    Makeup Remover: Use prior to cleansing. Saturate a cotton wool ball with the remover,sweep over the face and eyelids, moving from the inner corners outwards. Gently sweep along the lashes, moving from base to tip.

    Night Cream: Gently apply with the fingertips. Blend upwards and outwards from the middle of the face and along the neck.

    Eye Refiner: After toning, gently smooth over the skin beneath the eyes, moving from the outer to the inner corners.

    Sleep Mask: Immediately after cleansing, smooth over face and neck, avoiding the eyes and brows. Blot off any excess and leave on overnight. In the morning, rinse and follow with your prescribed treatments. Use twice a week as part of your hydration cleansing ritual.

  • Cleansing Oil: 60ml / Cleansing Bar: 50g / Makeup Remover: 90ml / Night Cream: 10ml / Eye Refiner: 5ml / Sleep Mask: 10ml


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Erno Laszlo The Jetsetter Collection

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Erno Laszlo The Jetsetter Collection