Cowshed Holiday Countdown Calendar


Get holiday ready with the Cowshed Holiday Countdown Calendar; a floral calendar that hosts 11 of Cowshed’s best-selling products, each in a flight-friendly size. Working to prep skin for a vacation, as well as taking care of skin whilst travelling, the Countdown Calendar boasts everything you need for nourished skin and healthy hair whilst on-the-go.

Free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, artificial fragrances and colours. 100% Vegetarian. Not tested on animals. Made in England.

The Set Contains:

Gorgeous Cow Bath & Shower Gel (100ml)
Designed to cleanse and nourish the skin all over, the Gorgeous Cow Bath and Shower Gel boasts a unique, innovative formula containing natural ingredients. With Linden Blossom Essential Oil, used for natural detoxifying effect and French Lavender Essential Oil to induce relaxation, this gel will leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and replenished.

Gorgeous Cow Body Lotion (100ml)
The Gorgeous Cow Body Lotion is a lavish formula, which works to thoroughly nourish and hydrate skin. The formula is enriched with the finest quality Shea and Cocoa Butters, which work in synergy to envelop the body in a veil of intense moisture. It also features Linden Blossom Essential Oil, used for natural detoxifying effect, and French Lavender Essential Oil to induce relaxation. Also created with a subtle fresh fragrance, it's a must have.

Lavender Gentle Cleanser (30ml)
Remove makeup and daily environmental impurities with the Lavender Gentle Cleanser; a creamy, balancing cleanser for all skin types. The cleansing formula purifies and soothes skin as it provides a refreshing and non-drying cleansing experience. Lavender essential oil comforts and calms skin and the uplifting aromas of Lemongrass and Clary Sage essential oils refresh and revitalise the skin and mind during the cleanse.

Chamomile Refreshing Toner (30ml)
Calm, cool and clarify your skin with the Chamomile Refreshing Toner; an alcohol-free toner for all skin types. The toner soothes and comforts skin, leaving it perfectly clean and free from surface impurities. Chamomile refreshes your complexion with revitalising coolness as lavender essential oils restore balance and luminosity.

Cowlick Gentle Shampoo (30ml)
Lather your locks with the Cowlick Gentle Shampoo; an effective formula that boasts a blend of essential oils. The cleanser is enriched with Lavender and Lemon Oils, which work in synergy to revitalise and refresh, whilst Carrot Seed Oil richly moisturises and soothes the scalp. Ideal for daily use on all hair types, the shampoo leaves hair silky soft.

Saucy Cow Softening Conditioner (30ml)
Detangle hair and boost its shine with the Saucy Cow Softening Conditioner. The conditioning formula utilises essential oils of Lavender and Lemon, which revitalise and refresh locks, whilst Evening Primrose Oil protects and nourishes the hair. Ideal for daily use on all hair types, the shampoo leaves hair manageable, smooth and touchably soft.

Cow Pit Spray Deodorant (10ml)
Feel confident with the Pit Spray Deodorant; a herbal spray that soothes and conditions skin, whilst lending the underarms a refreshing scent. Utilising a skin-loving blend of Organic Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, the spray not only helps you to feel dry and confident, but works to condition the underarms to ensure skin is calm, comfortable and healthy. Peppermint, Spearmint and Lemongrass Essential Oils work in synergy to envelop skin in a refreshing scent, whilst offering antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. - Aerosol-free.

Cow Slip Soothing Hand Cream (50ml)
A fast-absorbing formula that utilises the finest natural ingredients to nourish and soften skin. Harnessing the rejuvenating powers of Sweet Orange and Peppermint essential oils, the non-greasy cream delivers a zesty, green fragrance.

Cow Slip Natural Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel (50ml)
Cow Slip Natural Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel is an alcohol-free formula that leaves hands feeling soft, whilst eliminates nasties. In addition, the hand gel envelops skin in an energising scent. The gel guarantees not to dry out skin and cuticles, allowing your manicure to last even longer.

Wild Cow Bath & Body Oil (30ml)
Get passionate with the revitalising Wild Cow Bath & Body Oil. A green, fresh blend with essential oils of Lemongrass to refresh and cleanse, Ginger to improve vitality, and Rosemary to sharpen the mind. The massage oil guarantees to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. The minerals, vitamins and proteins of Almond Oil naturally nourish the skin while Calendula rejuvenates.

Apricot Nourishing Cuticle Oil (11ml)
Soften dry cuticles with the Apricot Nourishing Cuticle Oil; a vitamin rich formula that gives cuticles the care and attention they require. Effortlessly massaging into skin, the delicately scented oil instantly nourishes and hydrates cuticles, without leaving behind a greasy residue. Expect ultra-soft skin and nails with added shine.


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Cowshed Holiday Countdown Calendar

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Cowshed Holiday Countdown Calendar